Trip Reviews

…We had a blast. We each caught 3 ahi and had a great ahi dinner last night. The crew Capt pat and Juuki(sp?) were knowledgeable and happy to help. By the way, we are going to get a print of one of matthew’s catch. All said and done the print is pretty expensive (about $12 an inch — more than the trip for the two of us) but we think a worthwhile memory.

David G.

We caught 10 smaller yellow fin then I hooked a big one on small tackle (50 pound test) it took the three of us 45 minuets to get it in the boat. It was 118.7 lbs, the largest that captain Patrick Dorn and mate Jukka have gotten so far this year. Patrick and Jukka were great fun to be with and did a suburb job, without their expertise that fish would have been long gone. Thanks again.

Leon p

We just got back for our Vacation on Maui. What a blast. Maui is the place to be. We were on the “Action”. It was “O” Dark Thirty 3:15 AM. When we arrived Cap. Steve, along with “B” and the rookie kid Mason were ready to go bait and all. We all definitely got a nice little work out. Our trip we caught 13 Mahi Mahis the biggest be about 35 lbs. We also trolled for a couple hours trying for some Ono & Marlin (No Luck). Out of the 8 boats that were out that day the “Action” was the only one who brought in fish you should have seen the OOOS & AAHHHHS when we arrived back at the dock. It was great.

I would in a heartbeat recommend whenever you are in Maui and want to do some serious FISHING to book a Charter with the “ACTION” and Capt. Steve. GREAT TIME & GREAT PEOPLE. Hope to get a chance to do it again. Thanks Again.

Dave, Wayne, Hector, & Adrian

Our experience with ACTION was terrific. Patrick and Steve were great. I can’t imagine a better time than we had with them. We caught 22 Mahi’s, with the largest being 42 lbs. That was a fun fight.

Thank you for the recommendation, it was well worth the cost. Please make sure to pass on our appreciation to those guys if you get a chance, and know for sure that they were way better than expected. Thanks again


Just wanted to let you know I had a great trip on the Action. Definitely the roughest conditions I have ever been out in, but those guys pushed through it. We boated 9-10 Mahi and a 163lb Blue Marlin. Also hooked up with 2 sharks and a few small skipjack and ahi.

I would not recommend that boat to anyone who is not used to the water and wants a relaxing time out fishing. That being said, if I return to the Lahaina area in Maui again I would not hesitate at all to go out with those guys again. For someone interested in pure fishing, regardless of the conditions, those are the guys to go out with. It’s a good thing they have that Blackfin to ride out those conditions. There aren’t many other boats that could take that kind of pounding on a daily basis. Thanks again for setting me up w/ the Action.

Mahalo, Jon

…Patrick and Steve were hands down the best charter team I’ve gone out with (and I’ve gone on charters everywhere from Australia to Vanuatu to Cuba!) These guys fish really hard and whilst the other fishing charters were hiding behind the islands for protection, we went out to the buoys where it was rough but where the big fish were hanging out. I managed to get myself a nice blue marlin (tag and release of course) and 60lB yellowfin tuna. I would recommend these guys to anyone. So thanks again for the recommendation and booking.

Cheers, Ming

I wanted to thank you for all your great advice which helped make my trip to Maui so enjoyable. My charter on Action with Capt’s Patrick and Steve was awesome, I could think of no better way to spend my 40th Birthday. I arrived at the boat around 3am and found it loaded with live bait, the crew had been out since midnight filling the baitwell, now that’s dedication! Hats off to them, it made the difference, we were into the Tuna, hard, before daybreak, boating about 3 doz and a few good size Mahi-Mahi as well. I’d strongly recommend this charter to any hardcore anglers who want to catch fish and not troll all day hoping for a bite.

Mahalo, Jim Za

Just back to Washington after our Hawaii vacation. As you know I was booked on the ACTION (Start Me Up) charter for last Monday. Well the trip was fantastic. The first time I was attempting to bring in a fish but lost it. Then fishermen # 3 and 4 brought in Mahi Mahis. Then we started trolling and Steve set me up as # 41/2. About 95 minutes later as I was sleeping my reel took off. As it turned out I brought in a 35 pound Mahi Mahi. What a thrill.

Then, as I was up talking with Patrick about a 500 pound marlin he once caught, he looked out over the ocean at something (as you can tell I couldn’t see it) and hollered “fish on!” This marlin had struck and the fight was on. I captured one shot that caught white water. The fight lasted about an hour and we had a female blue marlin aboard that weighted in at 380 pounds. I was actually glad it wasn’t me doing the fighting as I wouldn’t have seen the action that I got to see. I’m emailing you to thank you for your recommendation on the Action and skipper Patrick and deck hand Steve. If I talk with anyone I will highly recommend Start Me Up charters.

Just a feedback note from the trip:
Freaking awesome! The guys on the boat Action really took us to the fish so please let them and their boat owners know we really enjoyed the experience. You can pass on this thread I posted on our local fishing website endorsing all of you guys to my fellows fishing buds in the Northwest. Thanks!

Steve and Patrick were great to fish with, we went out for an all day trip, we caught seven mahi mahi and lost two, 3 ono and couple of small yellow fins. There were fourteen other boats out that day and they had a total of seven fish. It’s shows to go on a “A” boat. I would recommend that boat to any body that was serious about fishing, they are excellence to fish with. On the trip we seen whales, flying fish, dolphins, and while they were cleaning our fish in the marina a couple of gray reef sharks came to eat the discarded fish skins.we plan to book more fishing trips with them in the future when we our on the island. I can’t thank you enough but thanks again.

Last Wed I and my group went fishing on the Action w/ Capts Pat and Steve and what a great time we had. Pat & Steve were great guys and put us on the fish. We caught 6 mahi mahi and 3 tuna. They filleted one of each and we had a great BBQ. … I would definitely recommend Pat and Steve and the Action to anyone that wants to catch fish. They worked very hard and it was greatly appreciated.

…Being my first sportfishing trip I didn’t really know what to expect, but you steered me in the right direction. After a 9 hour flight the last thing you need is a rookie crew, and Captain Patrick and deck hand Captain Steve were awesome. I had a great time and caught fish to boot. The crew was very knowledgable (40+/- years fishing experience between them), well-prepared with plenty of live bait (while the crew of another boat out there had its paying customers fishing for their own bait!) and I learned a lot. (We left at 0330, and they had already been up since midnight catching mackeral for bait!). The crew knew where to fish and kept me and my two fellow fishermen rigged up and ready like a well oiled machine. They took time to explain what was going on and answer my never ending stream of questions. When we returned to Lahaina, Capt. Patrick filleted a Mahi Mahi for me to take back to the condo, and gave me pointers on how to prepare it. They even let me keep the fish on ice at the dock while my wife dragged me around shopping. I appreciate your services, and I highly recommend and the good ship Action and her crew for an unforgettable sportfishing trip. Keep up the good work!

Just wanted to drop a line (I’m a funny guy – huh) about our recent trip on the ACTION. Capt. Patrick & mate Steve were great. I’ve fished with many, many folks over the years and these two are among the finest I’ve ever been with. Very competent, informative and just plain fun to be out on the water with. While the bite just wasn’t there – they worked as hard as anybody could have expected or anticipated. My wife, Katy, did manage to land a cow mahi-mahi (23lbs) – it was a good fight and she was most excited as this is the largest fish she has ever caught.

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2 Responses to Trip Reviews

  1. caroline b. says:

    Hi! We just went out on the Action and had an awesome time. It was killer early, but worth it considering the number of fish we brought in. Other boats didn’t do nearly as well it seems. We’re recommend this boat again in a quick minute to anyonelooking to do some REAL fishing.

  2. July 29, 2014. What a great sport fishing trip. I am an avid fisherman from NJ on vacation in Maui and wanted to do some sport fishing. I have fished in Maui before and had a nice catch. But I wanted to catch more fish. After doing some research I went with “Action” Sport fishing. Captain John and Mate Rob were on the money. We were on fish from the time we reached the buoy until we left the buoy. About 4-5 hrs of hard fishing. We caught mahi mahi, skip jack tuna and tangled with bronze whaler sharks. At one point we had 3 fish on constantly for about a hour, as fast as we could reel them in and Rob get them in the fish bag. My arms hurt for the next 12 hours. If you are into fishing that is a good thing. I would recommend this boat and trip to anyone who is serious about fishing. Thanks for a great trip and I look forward to doing it my next visit to Maui.


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